Artist Alena Khokhlova
Alena Khokhlova (Mixed Media Artist)
My name is Alena Khokhlova, and I am delighted to welcome you here. I am an artist, art therapist, and transpersonal coach. From a young age, I immersed myself in the worlds of psychology, energy, and art, as they are inseparable within me.
My world is deep and multifaceted, fostering sustainable development for myself and those around me. Here, I dive into the depths of the unconscious, seeking resources and inspiration. My works are stories told through metaphors, symbols, and colors, each inviting you on a unique journey into your own inner world.
I believe that beauty and inspiration are hidden in the details, and I strive to convey this in each of my creations. My mission is to help you discover new facets of your inner world and uncover unexplored possibilities within yourself.
Welcome to my creative space, where every painting and photograph is a drop of my soul, meant to bring you love.
Alyona Khokhlova

– Alena Khokhlova –


The artist painstakingly immerses herself in each project, studies many books, archives, and interacts with the space energy. A deliberate sense of every image aligns with an extravagant creative thought that strikes spontaneously and suddenly, and more importantly hits the mark.

Project about ballet and flowers
Made in China
Bright images of animals in flowers
Limited Edition
Flowers my colors
Spirits. Bali.
(2022-... in progress)
Mix Media / watercolor, pencils, pastels
Flower inspiration in every look
"When I close my eyes, I continue to see."

Alena Khokhlova was born in 1987 in Russia.
Since childhood, she loved drawing and Photoshop creating images, which she mastered herself. Alena completed interior design courses. She worked at a printing house and created the advertisement designs for magazines.

In 2011 she moved to China, where she continued her photography and artistic activities.
In 2014 she became a florist, learned from the best masters and Floral Schools of Europe and Russia and began to combine floristry with photography.
Since 2021, she has been studying at the Higher ART School "Sreda Obucheniya", at the Contemporary Art Faculty, for the Artist speciality.
She studied at the Transpersonal Art Therapy speciality, "Institute of Psychotherapy and Clinical Psychology".

Alena currently lives and works on Bali and in Moscow.
The artist uses cut flowers and plants in her works, frequently uses media technologies and collage techniques to emphasize the meaning of flowers in her images.
Alena Khokhlova's artworks are recognisable, fresh flowers and plants energize each of them. She works with different media: digital art, photography, video, floristics, painting, installation.

As the artist herself says, "When working with living material, creative energy doubles, as if nature itself blesses and inspires me."

2022- International Art Festival (Quatar, Doha)
2022- International exhibition "Hypnos" on Venice Biennale. (Palazzetto Pisani. San Marco, Venice, Italy)
2022- Art exhibition "LACE" Russian Cultural Center in Paris. (Paris, France)
2021- Personal exhibition "Language of Flowers" (Guangzhou, China)
2021- Contemporary Floral Art Exhibition "Botanical Comfort" (Guangzhou, China)
2019- International Floral Body Show (Guangzhou, China)
2019- China Expo International Exhibition (Guangzhou, China)
Flowers magazine (rus). (Журнал Цветы)
Flowers magazine (rus). (Журнал Цветы)
On Instagram, Alena shares interesting moments of her work, useful lessons and new works. Follow to be inspired.
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