Artist Alena Khokhlova
Alena khokhlova
The Language of Flowers
The philosophy of flowers in every frame.
Try to unravel the meaning and the secret message.
"I managed to connect the Russian school of ballet with Chinese acrobatics by analyzing the semiotics of colors from different parts of the world."
Alena Khokhlova was interested in the variety and clear definition of each flower. Taking into account all the features of the project associated with ballet and combining the history of its formation in France, Russia and China, she turned the project into a combination of meanings and search for symbols based on the archives of ballet performances and the meaning of flowers.
Exhibition "Language of Flowers" in the
Art space "IN FOREST"
China, Guangzhou
About project

" In ballet the languages of body, emotions, visual patterns and perception are combined all into one. In Russia they added the Soul to ballet. In China they added acrobatics to it and as a result have got an amazing effect. And I am adding flowers to it and getting a vivid nature in a harmony of dance.

In my works flowers can speak and their language is hidden in their meaning. I create images based on the language of flowers and thus I open up their meaning even wider.

Experimenting and combining let me create a new interesting form of art.

I am telling the stories of ballet dancers using language of flowers to highlight images of their characters. I take two of the most important architectural objects of the city : Guangzhou TV Tower and Opera House. I take Guangzhou TV Tower as a background to show symbols of city dynamics, growth and prosperity. They are a dragon, Ceiba Kapok flowers, grand-ecart as symbol of moving to a further growth and a new moon as a symbol of renovation and obtaining new achievements. Model is an air acrobat who used to perform in a famous Chimelong circus.

Opera House is following artists all the way along their creative career. The Ballet school was opened on the basis of Opera House, artistic shows are performed on its' stage and then ballet artists become instructors and teachers for new students and give classes at the Ballet school.

Image theme is opened with airiness and lightness of Gypsophila, ballerina is almost flying in the air with Guangzhou Opera house as a background.

Further the theme is developed with a young couple experiencing first love emotions and passion. In the past they started learning a ballet dancing together and now they are performing on the stage of the theatre. This image is a bright one, expressed with a red rose and flying rose petals.

Next theme is presented by a couple of choreographers. They are a real married couple of ballet performers who give classes at the Opera House ballet school. Female image is presented with orchids and male image with moss. In this case moss is nourishing and protecting the orchid and the orchid is blooming and luxuriating.

The final and the main image of the project is a performing couple of acrobats wearing pointe-shoes. Female image is presented using Clematis flower which is heading skyward, at the same time twining itself round the stones, or in our case stone flowers, which represent a male image in this composition. It is a fabulous work which combines both ballet and acrobatics. This concept truly wins admiration and represents a new China style in ballet and acrobatics.

I have chosen a European style as a background for this theme to emphasize that China ballet with acrobatics elements wins over all around the world and is being admired not only by Chinese audience. Their performances have definitely gained an international recognition.

As an addition to China ballet theme, there is a flying ballerina in the form of Hortensia flower fairy. She came down from Heaven as a blessing from Gods. Her character gives a blessing to ballet and acrobatics upon further development and prosperity."

Alena Khokhlova - Artist

"City of Flowers"
Guangzhou is called the city of flowers, regardless of the season, the city is replaced by flowering trees and shrubs, flower beds are always fragrant, this is a real city of flowers.
Against the backdrop of the Guangzhou Tower, one of the tallest towers in the world, symbols are collected that reflect the dynamics, growth and prosperity of the city.
A dragon made of fabric soars in the clear sky, scattering the flowers of the Bombax Ceiba tree, these flowers are the symbol of the city.
The stiletto twine of an aerial acrobat who performed under the dome of the Chimelong Circus in Guangzhou indicates growth and upward movement, like the spire of a tower.
"Past present Future"
Combinations of past, present
and the future in one moment. Time is not linear, we are at one point and by changing our perception of the past, we are able to change the future. This work reflects the accents of the past in the "knots of happiness", the present in fresh flowers that live in the moment and the future in the form of flower glasses and jewelry.
"Big City Melancholy"
Despite the huge number of people around, everyone can be lonely in a big city. And sometimes, we want to be with ourselves. Hug yourself and ask about something important, and most importantly, to hear.
Surrounding yourself with fresh flowers, you can recharge and fill with the energy of nature and harmony, and then melancholy will become a little more beautiful.
"Alma mater"
Opera House is one of the most important places both for the city of Guangzhou and artists themselves. The most significant stage plays and ballet shows are usually performed here.

Also, ballet classes are given at the Ballet school supported by Opera House, so this building really plays an important role for ballet dancers all the way along their artistic career.

Artist & Art director/ Alena Khokhlova
Make-up Artist/ Marina_CK
Stylist/ Maria Vasileva
Model/ Anastasia Champier

"Angel Gypsophila"
Just like a sparkling waterfall of tiny flowers, Gypsophila enters the scene. Airy, as light as a feather, this image of a female ballet dancer reminds us an Angel who came down on Earth from a Heavenly flower garden. Autumn in the city brings us more glow and leaves flying in the air, and it seems that ballerina is flying in the air together with them.
"Love and passion"
In language of flowers, red roses speak about Love. From the earliest times they have been associated with beauty, love and passion. In this image of a couple of lovers they play a role of a mutual flaming love.

Tillandsia in a male artist image is a lucky amulet. It helps him get success both in love and financial prosperity.

Installation "Waltz of the Flowers"
A whirlwind of grass and petals is born and expands towards the sky, carrying the petals to the rhythm of the waltz, circling it falls on the hat and creates a rosamelia from the petals. Symbol of love and passion.
"Harmony of Life"
Orchid and moss will tell the story of a harmonious couple. The paintings show a real married couple of ballet dancers who teach at the ballet school at the Opera House Theatre. The female image is in orchids, and the male with moss. Moss in this case nourishes and protects the orchid, and it blooms and smells sweet, thanks to him.

A married couple of teachers of choreographers. They have gone all the way of development and are now transferring knowledge. The orchid is a symbol of spiritual balance and sophistication, a talisman against misfortunes, tells us about sophistication, admiration and respect. Orchids often grow on moss, so the image of a man in a pair is made of moss. Moss is needed for growing orchids, so the line of a married couple is united. Which supports each other and creates its own happiness and support in the family.

A slight accent in the masculine image of delphinium bow ties reminds that this flower of idealism is combined with stamina. Which is necessary to achieve both women and success in life.

Artist & Art director/ Alena Khokhlova
Make-up Artist/ Marina_CK
Stylist/ Maria Vasileva
Nana 刘娜军
Fogelman Ferdinand
Orchid is a lucky charm for women. It helps developing talents and arts.
Also, orchid is a symbol of a spiritual balance and elegance. It protects you from misfortune. This flower speaks about sophistication, admiration and respect.

"Clematis on stone flowers"
A married couple of acrobats Wu Zhengdan & Wei Baohua who opened a school of shoulder ballet in China, combining the style of classical ballet and acrobatics, they made a new unique Chinese style. The female image is emphasized by clematis, which, wrapping around stone flowers, rushes up. Clematis is one of the most beautiful and delicate climbing plants.
But clematis needs support for growth, a flower can find this support on stones and trees. Therefore, in the male image, stone flowers (succulents) play the role of a strong support and support.
They emphasize the strength and support of a man, are a talisman against evil forces and preserve the energy of youth.
Artist & Art director/ Alena Khokhlova
Make-up Artist/ Vlad Oshii
Stylist/ Maria Vasileva
Wu Zhengdan 吴正丹 Wei Baohua 魏葆华
The amazing professionalism of the artists who combine ballet and acrobatics is emphasized by the fragility and tenderness of clematis and the solidity of stone flowers. This is an amazing work of acrobats on pointe. This theme combines European and new acrobatic Chinese ballet style, which is admired by the whole world.

Ballet and flowers are two components that harmoniously complement each other. Modern Chinese ballet is a performance filled with symbols and meanings, legends and traditions. And flowers always accompany the art of dance.
To achieve results in shoulder ballet, need to change more than one pair of pointe shoes. And only over the course of many years of training, you can achieve such ease in the most difficult acrobatic performances. Stone flowers - succulents, remind of the male support in a pair. Together they were able to create a new direction in ballet and inspire the whole world.

"Bless the Gods"

Hortensia in a language of flowers means modesty, frankness and hope.

Originally in the Orient this impeccable flower is considered as a symbol of a Heavenly Grace.

That's why this image has been created in levitation. The fairy is levitating above the ground, charming away bad luck and attracting prosperity and positive energy.

Creating installations and costumes using natural materials and living plants is a painstaking work, for example, to create the installation "Waltz of the Flowers", each petal was strung on the thinnest wire. There were several thousand petals, each blade of grass woven into the base. The track on the ceiling was 10 meters long. Weaved it for several days 4-7 people. The petals really danced, and the transparency of the design matched perfectly with the Canton Tower, which was visible through the glass roof and panoramic windows.

Each image was assembled by Alena Khokhlova from natural flowers. It is difficult to work with such a medium, accuracy and speed are important. After all, flowers are short-lived, but remain forever captured in photographs. Therefore, the found balance gives inspiration that the result will please for a long time.


At the presentation of the project "Language of Flowers", the performance was performed by Anastasia Champier. She reflected in the movement a whirlwind of colors and swirled in the dance "Carmen", revealing the theme of passionate love.

Thank you for your attention.

Thanks to the team, everything was possible. Makeup was professionally selected for each look and flower.

The clothes were made to order by the brand Lumiere Magique and selected from the collections of the fashion house Dior
and Isabel Garcia.
We managed to convey images not only in photographs, but also in video, where every detail and emotion is captured in the frame. I thank everyone who took part in the creation of installations from living materials, it was a great support.

Each actor got used to the role and showed feelings. Thanks to every artist who does ballet and acrobatics. You fill the beauty and aesthetics of people and the world around. Special thanks to Ferdinand and Nana for continuing the tradition of this beautiful art already in teaching students. And of course, many thanks to Wei Bao Hua and Wu Jeng Dan, for their great contribution to Chinese ballet and acrobatic art on pointe.
It's incredibly wonderful!

Flowers are our feelings, speak the language of flowers more often. Many thanks to In Forest Art Space for organizing the exhibition.
Artist/ Art Director
Alena Khokhlova
Video Production/
Sergey Khromykh
Alexander Choopin
Make-up Artist/ Marina CK, Vlad Oshii
Maria Vasileva
Fogelman Ferdinand
Nana 刘娜军
Anna Zalipukha
Anastasia Champier
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