Artist Alena Khokhlova
Metaphorical pictures

Once I went to the depths of the unconscious with the help of Art therapy.
In my life I am constantly in practice, teaching and helping others.
I was prompted to create metaphorical pictures by the metaphorical associative maps of MAC. For working with the unconscious, this turned out to be one of the most effective tools. I wanted to highlight the resources in each person. Charge each picture and show that any minus in life can be used as a resource. Some pictures have a specific message, some tasks with questions for psychological study, but absolutely all of them you need to feel and decide for yourself what they are about for you. This fine line of perception heals and inspires. I hope that you will find the pictures useful for yourself, and maybe something will resonate in you in one of them. After all, I charge each picture with my endless energy of love and creativity.
Be happy and loved, just by yourself.
Hugging you.

Metaphorical pictures are painted in Bali, in the process of passing energy practices and are tuned to high frequencies.
Artist / Art therapist Alena Khokhlova

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